Y.M.C.A Cook Book: by the Ladies’ Auxiliary of the Y.M.C.A. Medina, N.Y.

ISBN: 978-1492275213    OCLC: 7480264

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The title page of the Y.M.C.A. Cook Book states that “every receipt has been tested,” presumably by committee members Mrs. George Benson, Mrs. Avery Andrews, and Mrs. G. H. Simonds. The book contains almost 500 recipes divided into nineteen chapters, each described (in most cases) in under four sentences, covering everything from basic baking powder biscuits and cocoanut pudding to marguerites (cookies). The recipes are easy to follow and have good instructions. Some personal judgment must come into play, though when recipes call for a hot, very hot, moderate, slow, or quick oven for baking or a “half sifter” as a measurement. Along the way, readers may also learn a new (well, old) term or two, such as “pieplant” for rhubarb.

-Donna Hanna

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