Mother Santa Claus Stories

OCLC: 1516713
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Part of Altemus Mother Stories Series,Mother Santa Claus Stories evokes a time when life seemed simpler and childhood seemed more innocent.

Have you ever heard of the Santa Claus of the Telephone? It may sound strange at first, but stop and think a moment and you will agree that Santa Claus has a right to make use of late inventions (from Hello! Give Me Santa Claus!). Now, how adorable is that? This collection of twenty-eight Christmas stories in prose and verse is adorned with charming black and white illustrations on nearly every page. Among the stories included are Christmas in Kandahoo, How the Turkey Felt About Christmas, When Dorothy Saw Santa Claus (illustrated with a slightly disturbing drawing of a goose asleep in a bed while a smiling knife and fork sit on its chest, pointing as if to say Were coming for you!) and, of course, Clemente C. Moores classic The Night Before Christmas.

While adults will enjoy these stories for their quaintness of language and illustration, children will enjoy them simply because they are delightful. Intended for reading aloud, they are a perfect way for folks of all ages to get in the old-fashioned Christmas spirit.Mother Santa Claus Storiesalso offers a great glimpse into the popular culture of early 20th century United States, and provides many opportunities to teach kids about the past.

This work, originally published in 1909, is reprinted by Milne Library at the State University of New York College at Geneseo, Milne Library.